PRP - (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

Effective skin rejuvenation and biostimulation thanks to PRP and own blood.

The newest innovation in the field of aesthetic medicine is skin rejuvenation and biostimulation through an extract of the own blood, the so called PRP (Platlet-Rich Plasma).

Hereby, it deals of a specific treatment of the patient’s own blood, in which high concentrated blood proteins and blood platlets are found. These substances stimulate cell regeneration, the collagen syntheses and the skin rejuvenation. As other filler treatments such as botulinum toxin the concentrate is injected in the areas where the patient wants his or her wrinkles or volume deficiencies to be treated.

The treatment with PRP is absolute natural and highly effective and efficient. In contrast to botulinum toxin injections or hyaluronic acid injections, PRP stimulates the cell regeneration by stimulation the growth of collagen, skin and subskin cells. The effect of the treatment endures longer, but takes longer until it is visible. The anti-aging factors are gained directly through the blood. The usage of impurities and foreign substances can therefore be avoided.

Physiology of the PRP Therapy

Through the body owned blood a special extract of platelet rich plasma with cytokines (growth factors) via centrifugation is gained. In Science this process is called the ‘PRP Method’.

Functioning of the PRP

The injection of the skin with PRP leads to the detachment of fibroblasts, this means to an activation of connective tissue, which stimulate the production of  elastin and collagen. The production of hyaluronic acid rises. Hereby, water is tied and moisture is accumulated.The injected PRP plasma is then attracting mesenchymal stem cells, which activate the new production of collagen and the tissue regeneration. The result of the autologous cell-plasma-therapy is an ameliorated look and better skin appearance with a rejuvenation of the skin and the binding tissue from the inside. Wrinkles are reduced and smoothing and the skin looks more vital and more healthy. In contrast to botulinumtoxin or hyaluronic acid injections where the results only endure up to 6 months, the results of a PRP treatment endure up to two years.

Combination of own fat and PRP Plasma

Also autologous (own) fat serves to fill in tissue irregularities or deep wrinkles and creases in the face, but also in other regions of the body, as it is body owned and does not cause any allergic reactions. It has been prooved as particularly successful to combine own fat with a simultaneous injection of PRP platelet rich plasma. The own fat is hereby injected deep underneath the skin surface, for example in the are of the cheeks. PRP in contrast is injected superficially, this means directly under the skin or directly in the skin. Through this combination a good regeneration of the face area can be gained. The results are immediately visible and permanent.

Combination PRP with Botulinumtoxin and/ or filler treatments

In some cases a face only requires a rare amount of volume. Herefore, hyaluronic acid can be used. If a face also has strong mimic wrinkles the usage of botulinumtoxin is necessary and useful. Which materials, and what therapy is adequate for a patient, is decided on case to case and according to the consultation of Dr. Feinendegen and his examination.

Field of Applications of the PRP Method – an overview:

  • Amelioration of skin look, reduction of wrinkles, rejuvenation of skin, skin tightening
  • Volume creation in the face in combination with own body fat
  • Lip augmentation
  • ‘’Liquid Lifting’’ or ‘’Biolifting’’ (non.surgical face lifting) as a combination therapy with Own  Body fat
  • Stimulation of hair growth
  • Quick healing of skin after laser and peeling treatments
  • Faster healings with critical wounds
  • Amelioration and improvement of skin in the area of neck, neckline and breast

The procedure

In an individual consultation with Dr. Feinendegen the personal wishes of the patients are discussed and an individual treatment plan is scheduled and defined. You are getting a detailed explanation by our expert about alternative treatment options, risks, and chances of a skin rejuvenation treatment with PRP plasma. Our goal is to individually consult you, to inform you, so that you feel safe and in good hands and that you know all the steps on the way of the treatment.

How  is the PRP treatment executed

For the PRP treatment no special requirements are needed.

At first a blood withdrawal is performed. Due to this step, the method is sometimes also called ‘’Vampire Lifting’’. The preparation of the PRP in the laboratory takes up to 20 minutes. The extract then needs an instant injection. In a simultaneous treatment with own fat the treatment takes between 1-2 hours, as next to the PRP own body fat needs to be gained and prepared.

Before the treatment the area affected and treated is numbed with a numbness cream. After 30 minutes, alleviation of pain is achieved  with local anaesthesia with a thin needle before the injections takes place.

Risks and Side Effects

PRP is a body owned product so that allergic or other side-effects cannot appear and develop. As possible side effects are only known the effects of the injection (a light redness in the area of the puncture or a small bruise at the place of the injection).