Botulinum Toxin

beitragsbild_botox Botulinum toxin is a substance which is produced by bacteria in a state of a vacuum and which weakens the muscular system in the human  organism. For  about 20 years the botulinum toxin injections belong to the fixed repertoire of a plastic surgeon. 20 years ago muscle spasms in  the eye and neck were  eased by a precise injection of botulinum toxin. This mehtod is still used today. But today botulinum toxin has established  itself as an effective method for  wrinkle reduction within plastic and aesthetic surgery. The treatment is successful because the botulinum toxin  effectively weakens the mimic muscular  system which is responsible for wrinkle production. As the skin is narrowly intertwined with the mimic  muscular system which lies underneath the skin,  the skin is smoothened and straightened by the relaxation of the muscular system through the  botulinum toxin.  Usually it takes a few days until the full  result and straightening of the skin is fully visible.  At the request of the patient, the  skin can be numbed prior to the injections with a numbness cream. Alleviation of pain is achieved in any case through an ice cooling pack  before the injections take place.