For a succesful breast surgery, whether it be a male or female breast and in order to satisfy individual wishes as far as possible, demands a lot of surgical skill and a tri-dimensional and spatial sense, apart from year-long experience, sensitivity and empathy

As with any other surgery, it is important to plan and discuss in advance the desire and wishes of the patient and their expectations and to define together what is realistically achievable.

For instance, a young woman who wishes to have a

Bigger breast and more volume

In terms of multiple more cup sizes cannot always be realised, as the risk for complication are empirically too high. Here, the given anatomical situation plays a vital role. It could be considered as almost criminal, if a plastic surgeon would insert into a fine, delicate, slender young woman a breast implant which would not suit her body and overstrain her anatomical proportions. The result would be capsular contracture and infection, just to name a few.

The aim of a breast augmentation

Is a natural looking result, which can be achieved without putting the patient in jeopardy. After a breast augmentation the décolleté should look filled up and the skin should be tight, alongside a good natural rounding off and a nice volume. Depending on the calibre and dimension of the thorax and the size of the breast skeletal muscles, diverse and variable implants are available. The quality of the used implants is extremely important and critical for an excellent outcome and for its longevity and does not allow any compromise. Due to this reason, only the best and and top-quality implants are used. Dr. Feinendegen only uses implants by Mentor from the USA, which offer a life-long guarantee.

In the case of breast tightening and breast reduction,

The clear expectations of the patient and the anatomical requirements need to be defined and laid out.

Breast reductions

Are often medically indicated, as the patients often suffer from back and neck pains due to the additional weight of the oversized breasts.

Breast tightening

Are often performed due to aesthetic reasons. Very rarely the insurance companies do pay for the procedures. But it is always worth a try.

Breast reconstruction

After the removal of one or both breasts due to breast cancer, breast reconstruction can be performed, often simultaneously with the breast or tumor removal. Hereby, a close cooperation with the oncologists takes place. The best option will then be defined together with the patient and his individual situation and case. Breast reconstruction is possible either through own tissue transfer or implants.

Male breasts, so called gynacomastia also demand in-depth planning and a master of the field for elaborating satisfying results. The removal of a male breast is similar to a female breast reduction, apart from that the surplus of skin and tissue is completely cut off.