Breast Reduction

Breast reduction serves to diminish the size, usually of both breasts, and, if needed, also of the nipple regions. Simultaneously, the skin is tightened. Before surgery, a careful marking determines the incision line – with the patient in an upright position. The procedure is done in full anesthesia and in the hospital, where the patient remains afterwards for three days on average. If possible, breast reduction uses the special incision and preparatory technique that was invented and developed by Dr. Feinendegen, in order to prevent unpleasant scars. This technique, however, is only possible when the breast is relatively small or of mid-size. Otherwise, the prevention of unpleasant skin surplus relies on using the so-called T-scar technique. For some eight weeks after surgery the patient must wear a well fitted bra to optimally support healing and stabilization of the new breast form. During this time there will be weekly check-ups. Athletic physical exercises may be resumed at an average of about six weeks following surgery.