Breast Tightening

When breasts sag, the question always arises how much breast tissue is there and how the proportion is between breasts, shoulder  and pelvis. Breast tightening should lead to a harmonious proportion between breasts and the neighboring body parts. If only a little  breast tissue is there, tightening is achievable by way of enlarging the breast with a partial or full implant or skin tightening is  combined with the placing of an implant. In the presence of sufficient breast tissue skin tightening alone is sufficient.

Unpleasant scars following skin tightening are avoided by a special cut–and-preparation technique that was invented and developed by Dr. Feinendegen. The resulting scar becomes hidden in the breast fold. In this way, often disfiguring and frequently visible scars in the midline or on the sides of the breasts (so-called T-scars) do not occur.

The procedure requires full anesthetic. Hospitalization is usually not necessary. The subsequent care and caution in daily activity is the same as described above in the section on breast enlargement.