The desire for a glowing and healthy skin, the biggest organ in the human body, serves as source and indicator for many surgeries and treatments, both due to aesthetic reasons, but also due to functional and reconstructive reasons. In particular the ageing skin, which looses both volume and allows frowns and wrinkles to change our youthful appearance, as well as an atony of the skin due to weight issues over the spam of one`s lifetime demands and calls for plastic surgery and treatments on the face and on the whole body in order to restore volume, to tighten a surplus of skin, to fight wrinkles and frowns and in order to give the body back a youthful and refreshed appearence and look.

Hereby, both surgical and non-surgical treatments are an option.

With non-surgical, so-called conservative treatments such as botulinum toxin injections or filler treatments or PRP (platelet rich plasma) signs of ageing can be fought, however, they can never substitute a facelift or an eyelid tightening as their effect is only temporary and does not fight the sagging of our SMAS (Subcutaneous Muscular-Aponeurotic System). The SMAS is a heavy layer which is responsible for the sagging down of the skin in the face.

Apart from aesthetic changes which occur and which are visible on our skin, the plastic surgeon also needs to restore the contours of the skin relief due to skin cancers or skin tumors, scars, accidents or burns. Hereby, often big skin defects need to be reconstructed in order to restore the caused defects by tumor removal or tumor growth. Often the face is affected by skin tumors which demand facial reconstruction, as the face is particularly exposed to the sun. Bearing in mind both function and aesthetics demands and calls for a very experienced plastic surgeon.

Any of the surgical procedures can be performed in the day-clinic in Zurich Zollikon, depending on the general and overall health status of the patient. Even, full anaesthetics for example for facelifts or eyelid tightening are possible on an ambulatory base. Dr. Feinendegen employs for this purpose only the best anaesthetists from is specialised for ambulatory anaesthesia.

In Schaffhausen, the surgeries are performed in an ambulatory theatre at the Kantonsspital or at the eye centre of PD Dr. Matthias Grieshaber.

In the case of patients who have risky internal medical problems the surgical procedures will be performed for some part in the clinic with a short hospitalisation. By doing this, Dr. Feinendegen aims to guarantee the safety of his patients and their well-being and the best possible outcome.

However, any question of what will be done exactly, where and how, will be discussed in detail with the patient by Dr. Feinendegen himself. Often, the general practitioner of the patient will be called to talk through matters, if the case demands it.