With any performed surgery, whether it be due to an aesthetic reason, or a reconstructive reason, the main goal is to maintain and improve (especially in aesthetic surgical procedures) the harmony of the body and the overall appearance. Hereby, the patients’ wishes and requests, independently of gender, will be taken into consideration whenever it is possible. For us, the patients’ wellbeing and their requests are a guiding principle. Apart from aesthetic aims and goals which a surgical procedure aims to deliver, functionality needs to play an important factor in planning and conducting a surgery, in particular in reconstructive surgeries.

In advance of any surgery or treatment, an intensive, open, and honest discussion between surgeon and patient takes places. Hereby, Dr. Feinendegen also examines the patient and the indication and evaluates together with the patient their expectations and the goal of the surgery or treatment. It can take one or more sessions for defining the surgical outcome and in order for the patient to understand everything in detail. It is a prerequisite and a necessity for Dr. Feinendegen that the patient is able to understand every step in order to perform surgery or treatment.

For instance, a patient who might expect that a pot belly can be withdrawn by


Is mistaken. A pot belly is characterised by intraobdominal fat, which per se is not accessible for a surgical intervention due to aesthetic reasons in order to achieve a flat and fitted belly and waist. Achieving a flat belly is only achievable by diet and active exercise. It is a common fallacy that all fat can be withdrawn by liposuction. Only fat underneath the skin can be withdrawn, but not intraobdominal fat of which a pot belly is made out off. Performing liposuction on a pot belly does not reduce the belly, but only achieves an amelioration of the overall appearance of the belly or “Pirellis”. But it is not suitable for achieving a totally flat belly which might have been the inital desire of the patient. Mere liposuctions do not work hereby.

Therefore, a good and honest consultation with Dr. Feinendegen is vital in order for the patient to understand the context and the interdependencies. Undergoing a consultation for liposuction or for reducing “Pirellis” is therefore always a consultation for a more healthy, more sportive lifestyle.

Furthermore, it needs to be stressed that with every tightening surgery, scars can occur, which cannot always be hidden by underwear and lingerie and which cannot always be laid in hidden areas of the body, as sometimes the initial diagnostic finding or the anatomy of a patient’s body or the skin quality does not allow it. Therefore, the patient needs to accept a compromise.

In an arm lift

The contour of the arm will be restored, which is not only an aesthetic gain for the affected patient, but also a functional one.

Nevertheless, it has to be accepted that minor scars can be visible, depending on the perspective of the perceiver. Hereby, hyaluronic acid filled camouflage overlays can accomplish to hide the scars and produce relief. Over time and with the right care and sun protection scars more and more might vanish.

the same applies to the leg lift.

With the abdominoplasty (forming and tightening of the waist)

the surgeon restores and newly forms the waist and the belly. 

Dr. Feinendegen and his team always strive for the best outcome for the patient, but it would be untrue and dishonest not to explain that certain unalterable facts need to be accepted when surgery is performed. Nevertheless, undergoing a surgical procedure could always be a big improvement for the quality of life and the general self-esteem and confidence of a person.