Tumor Removal

Over the years due to excessive sun bathing, genetic pre-disposition or other diseases in the human body, skin tumors and soft tissue tumors can emerge and develop such as for instance Basalcell-carcinoma (white skin cancer, basalioma), squamouscell-carcinoma (spinalioma), melanoma.

Often these tumors remain unrecognized for a long time and therefore can spread. Alongside representing a medical problem, these tumors also particularly represent an emotional and aesthetic pressure and distress for the affected patients. Our clinic is specialized in removing these types of tumors in a way which reduces scars and in which the tumor is removed in an aesthetic ally pleasing way. Even large tumors can be removed by special techniques which leave almost no scarring. In order to achieve results which left no or barely any scarring, Dr. Feinendegen developed his own technique such as his skin flap procedure for removing large tumors without leaving any scars. See his publications and his flapjack method for more details.

During the removal of skin and soft tissue tumors an histological examination in our laboratory is performed. The aim of the removal of the tumors is to erase the functional and aesthetic defect these tumors often cause. Before every surgical removal of tumors a detailed and thorough examination and consultation by Dr. Feinendegen will take place.