Labia Correction (Labiaplasty)

Nowadays surgical interventions in the genital area, in particular so called labia correction, are gaining more and more importance.

Intimate surgery for women are more and more socially acceppted. Labia correction, also called labiaplasty, is regarded as one of the most common surgical interventions in the realm of intimate surgery.

In our surgery day-clinic we offer all women who wish to have a corrective labia intervention a protected, discret,and safe atmosphere.

For this purpose, my team and I are the adequate facility with a welcoming, confidential, trustworthy and caring atmosphere, both during your consultation and your corrective surgery.

A corrective surgical intervention of the genital area of women requires sensitivity, empathy and intuiton, a lot of experience, and calmness. Due to these reasons our team and I take a lot of time for you and all your concerns and questions.

I personally will consult with you, perform the surgery, and take care of you. Usually labia corrections can be conducted on an ambulatory Basis and does not require a Hospital stay. Labia correction can both be performed under general or local anaesthesia.

Labia Correction

It is natural that there is a variability in shape and size of the labia minora (inner labia) . However, too much tissue in the crotch can cause discomfort in everyday activities, during sport, during intimacy and can affect your self-confidence and the general body perception.

There are different "sorts of labia corrections" possible, only differing in their aim and the indication. In our consultation I will explain to you the surgical steps and possible Methods.

  • Labia minora reduction

  • Enlargement of the labia

  • Reconstruction of the labia

  • Correction of asymmetrical labia


Apart from labia corrective surgeries, the possibility exists to:


  • Mons pubis reduction

  • Correction of perineal scars