Important Information

Mode of behaviour before a surgical procedure

  • Prior to every surgery the affected body area should be clean and no cream or lotion should be applied. In the case of surgery on the head, hair should be washed in the morning before the planned surgery.
  • As smoking reduces the perfusion of tissue (which causes wounds to heal more slowly), it is advisable to stop smoking three weeks in advance of surgery, or at least the amount of smoking should be reduced with the agreement of the surgeon.
  • The use of medication which influences the perfusion and the wound healing, needs to be discussed with the treating surgeon pre- and post surgery. Possibly medication needs to be adjusted before the surgical treatment.
  • The consumption of alcohol, in particular before the surgery, is only allowed with the agreement of the surgeon, as the consumption of alcohol can lead to complications both within and after the surgery.
  • All surgical procedures which are conducted under a “doze“ for the patient, demand a recent blood sample with blood levels and an ECG.

Mode of behaviour after a surgical procedure

  • An elevation of blood pressure after the surgical procedure could lead to post-operative haemmorhage and intumescence. For that reason physical strenuousness should be avoided for several days.Some operations even demand a period of recuperation over a few weeks, or allow for only limited physical activity.
  • After liposuctions bigger weight gains need to be avoided, as it could lead to a de-forming of fat pads and a deforming of body shape. Every liposuction demands a precisely fitted compression lasting several weeks in order to avoid skin dimpling.
  • Scars need to be protected from sunlight and solariums at least for six months post surgery, as otherwise they become stimulated and turn red and thick.
  • We recommend a sun blocker with a high protection factor, which can be applied strenuously on the scars. If required the protection needs to be renewed after activities such as swimming or sweating. Make-up can be applied over the sun-blocker.
  • After surgical procedures on the face cold compresses are useful the first two days in order to prevent swelling and to reduce possible swelling.
  • Certain surgical procedures demand particular mode of behaviours which Dr. Feinendegen will inform you about in one of the pre-surgery consultations. .