Here, with the help of a special diamond grinding machine with a rotation of up to 27000 rotations and under magnifying surgical loupes, the first dermal layer is rubbed away. In the following healing phase a more smooth and fair skin will  be achieved.This technique is highly suitable for fine and median wrinkles, in particular around the lips.  All patients receive a cream for numbness which they can apply at home prior to the scheduled treatment. On the day of the planned treatment the cream is applied one hour before the procedure takes place.  If necessary an additional local anesthetic can also be given and offered. For approximately two days the grinded skin will be protected with an ointment gauze. For a perfect result, the skin needs extra care with specialist  beauty products for subsequent few weeks. The application of make-up is possible again a few days after the treatment and is even recommended in order to conceal the redness of the skin.

In contrast to a laster treatment for reducing wrinkles, the treatment method elaborated here, produces less unaesthetic skin pigmentation as a side-effect