Public lecture | Plastic Surgery - infinite possibilities?

Public lecture | Plastic Surgery - infinite possibilities?

Plastic Surgery - infinite possibilities? Insights into the daily work
of a Plastic Surgeon and his view on "Surgery of the Soul"


Dr. Dominik Feinendegen (MD)
followed by an "Apero riche"
Hotel Schweizerhof St. Moritz
Thursday 27. Februar 2020


Have you ever asked yourself what Plastic Surgery has to offer to you individually? What Plastic Surgery is all about? What opportunities it holds for you?

In media, there is the misconception that Plastic Surgery is only for famous people, stars, or purely driven by cosmetic aspects. We want to show you that it goes far beyond...

Plastic Surgery is the combination of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, all for the purpose of restoring functionality, aesthetics and self- confidence.

In the presentation, real cases will be shown:

  • How aging of face, skin and body and sagging of skin and tissue
    can be fought through liftings or tightening procedures.
  • How innate defects or defects triggered by tumours or accidents
    are reconstructed.
  • The newest improvements and trends in the realm of surgical and
    conservative treatments.

The presentation grants you exclusive insights into the “real” work of a Plastic Surgeon, the newest innovations and how they can enhance your life and well-being , as well as the way Dr. Feinendegen works as “Plastic Surgeon of the Soul”.

Dr. Dominik Feinendegen (MD) is a specialist Consultant for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He treats patients  both from abroad and from Switzerland  in the Klinik Gut in St. Moritz and Flaesch.

During the apéro riche our specialist is more than happy to answer individual questions and individual concerns.

We are looking forward to your registrations either by mail or by phone:; 0041 44 383 15 65

Cordial greetings

Dr. Feinendegen with team