Nerve Surgery

Peripheral Nerve Surgery

The peripheral nerve surgery denotes the surgery which applies to the peripheral nerves in the human body. In particular, the so called peripheral nerves can be found at the human extremities such as the hands, elbows and feet. For that reason peripheral nerve surgery treats diseases, injuries and resulting complications affecting nerves in the body. Frequent diseases which affect the nerves are for instance so called ulcers of the nervus medianus at the wrist – also referred to as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Often the nervus ulinaris at the elbow is affected by a disease of the nerve. This disease is called Sulcus Ulnaris Syndrome. In the case of a nerve failure, resulting from an accident, injury or a disease, the motor and sensory function is limited and therefore the nerve is no longer able to fulfil its function within the human body. With a targeted and detailed nerve reconstruction, rearrangement or cord transfer, these failures can be repaired and an amelioration in function, motor usage and sensitivity can be achieved. The frequent symptom of ‘hands falling asleep’ and numbness in the hands, which occurs with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome can be alleviated by a targeted treatment. Through close co-operation with neurologists the well-being and the best possible treatment can be guaranteed for all our patients.

Our treatment range:

• Urgent nerve injuries and diseases

• Nerve decompressions (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Sulcus Ulnaris Syndrome etc.)

• Nerve reconstruction

• Nerve replacement surgeries (cord surgeries, nerve transfers)

• Neuroma treatments