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Dr. Dominik L. Feinendegen, MD, is a specialist in Plastic-, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in Switzerland with clinics both in Zurich (Zollikon) and Schaffhausen. Thanks to his year long experience in the realm of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, as well as Reconstructive and peripheral nerve surgery, he is able to advise and consult individually and holistically and to offer individual treatment options. Dr. Feinendegen’s work is characterized by perfection, passion and diligence.

The well-being of his patients and their satisfaction is of top-priority to Dr. Feinendegen and his team. The infrastructure of the clinic both in Zurich and Schaffhausen allow for surgery of the highest quality utilising the newest and most recent techniques within the realm of plastic and aesthetic surgery. The surgery offers both local anaesthesia as well as full anaesthesia. Surgical procedures which demand an over-night stay in a clinic are conducted at either the Hirslanden Clinic in Zurich or the Hirslanden Clinic Belair in Schaffhausen.

Dr. Feinendegen is an active member of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and founding member of SGAC (Swiss Society for Aesthetic Surgery). These memberships are an indication of his professionalism, ethos, integrity and long-year experience.

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Herbstaktion: Brustvergrösserung für 12.000 CHF alles inklusive

Von Oktober bis Dezember 2017 bieten wir die Brustvergrösserung (Brustaugmentation) für 12.000 CHF alles inklusive an. Für die Brustvergrösserung verwenden wir die Rolls Royce unter den Implantaten, die Implantate des amerikanischen Herstellers Mentor. Diese Implantate verfügen über eine lebenslange Garantie.

Im Preis von 12.000 CHF sind enthalten: die Implantate, die Beratungsgespräche und Konsultationen, die OP- und Narkosekosten, eine Übernachtung in der Limmat Klinik in Zürich, sowie die ganz individuelle, professionelle und persönliche Betreuung durch Herrn Dr. Feinendegen.

Sprechen Sie uns an unter:
0443831565 oder schreiben Sie uns an info@feinendegen.ch. Die Emails werden innerhalb von vier Stunden beantwortet.

Ihr Praxisteam der Praxis Dr. Feinendegen

Medical treatment offers

Within his clinic Dr. Feinendegen offers a varied and large spectrum of plastic and aesthetic surgery treatments as well as anti-ageing therapy and injections.

Some of the surgical techniques Dr. Feinendegen uses and conducts were developed and invented by himself and are in line with the most recent internationally leading research and applied with diligence and perfection for the well-being of his patients. The infrastructure of the day clinic is in line with the newest criteria of medical technique and hygiene rules. The well-being of patients and their wishes is of equal importance as the security and comfort of patients. Patient’s satisfaction and well-being is the benchmark of Dr. Feinendegens and his team’s work. Since July 2015 we offer the possibility of permanent tattoo removement by novel, gentle and ground-breaking laser technology in the medical competence centre in Zurich-Schwerzenbach (http://www.tattooentfernung-praxis.ch).

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